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We believe AI will revolutionise the experience of domainers and end users. Better suggestions lead to better conversions, and we give the power of AI suggestions to registrars, resellers and registries.

A Story of Two is a joint venture of DomainsGPT and DotPH. DomainsGPT is a domain name generator leveraging the power of AI to provide domain name suggestions. DotPH's experience as a leading asian ccTLD coupled with DomainsGPT's AI capabilities provide for industry-leading domain suggestions across a broad range of languages and markets.

Our mission

We aim to provide domainers and end-users with better suggestions, and to generate higher conversions for registrars, resellers and registries.
Better domains

We help domainers and end-users register higher quality domains, even over crowded TLDs.

Higher conversions

We boost your conversions on searches so they are more likely to result in sales.

More users

We help you attract more users by differenting from your competition with better suggestions.

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